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Toilet Ideas for Off-Grid Living
primitive survivors offgrid living
One of the concerns of people who want to live off-grid is sanitation. Off-grid toilets usually come in the form of outhouse or backyard privy, but innovations have led to the creation of composting toilets, incinerator toilets, and more.
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Why Self Reliance is the Most Important Skill to Have
primitive survivors self reliance
Stockpiling, homesteading, and learning how to use a HAM radio is common in the prepper world. However, we wonder if many are missing a huge part, or maybe the whole foundation, of prepping:
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Here’s Why You Need a Solar Panel at Home
primitive survivors solar panels at home
Solar energy is the power provided by the sun, through technology called photovoltaic (PV) cells, turning sunlight into electricity directly. Many are starting to install solar panel systems on their roofs for a clean and renewable way to generate power.
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Emergency Communication Devices
primitive survivors emergency communication device
The world seems like it’s coming to an end because of wildfires in California, hurricanes in North Carolina, and the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide. So what would you do to stay connected in times of crisis?
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