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Tips for a DIY Bushcraft Camp
primitive survivors bushcrafting
Sitting around the campfire in your own handmade bushcraft camp is super fulfilling. Any primitive survivor dreams of having their little spot in the woods they call their own.
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How to Care for Your Axe
primitive survivors care for axe
The axe is a very versatile hand tool that can survive despite hard use. Despite its durability, it should be kept in optimal condition.
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Making Fire with Flint and Steel
primitive survivors flint and steel
Intrigued by the idea of lighting fire with flint and steel? We’re here to feed your curiosity!
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How to Keep Ticks Off Your Body
primitive survivors ticks
Tick bites can induce serious diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and it can be alarming because these pests that we are contending with cannot be fully avoided because they are so common not only for dog owners, but also avid outdoorsmen. Hunters have a high risk of exposure to diseases that […]
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