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Disinfecting and Sterilizing Medical Equipment in a Survival Scenario
primitive survivors disinfecting
What would you do if you get an injury during an SHTF situation? Do you have the right instruments to stitch an open wound?
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Keys to Accurate Shooting
primitive survivors accurate shooting
Want to elevate your shooting skills, specifically accuracy? Whether you are practicing for the next hunting season, self-defense, or for sports, accurate shooting is probably the most important skill you need to acquire as a firearm owner.
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Survival Garden Plants for Every Prepper
primitive survivors survival garden
You can have any type of crop for your survival garden, but some are just easier and more practical to grow and have especially when an SHTF event occurs! your potatoes in five-gallon buckets or grow bags.
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Biogas as an Alternative Fuel
primitive survivors alternative fuel
Looking for a cheap and sustainable alternative to fuel for your prepping needs? If you’re focused on growing your own food, wanting to save electricity, and using alternative ways for cooking, biogas would be a great option.
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