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Primitive Survivors was founded with the idea of satisfying every man, woman, or child’s primal side.  We wanted to offer top quality products that’ll help you with your outdoor adventures.  Whether it’s a camping trip, backpacking trip, or you’re faced with tragic circumstances and left out in the woods fighting for survival.

We believe that you are the life blood of our company and because of that, we want to offer you an array of the finest quality products in the market.  We stand firm behind every product listed on our website, which is why we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

From all your outdoor gear needs to learning about the latest trends in the outdoor world, we’re here to offer it.  You can find some of the best hacks on our blog for your outdoor experience.  We’re your one stop shop for everything the wilderness throws your way.  If you ever feel the need to contact us, fill out the contact form and we’ll make sure your questions or concerns is addressed.   Thanks!

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