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The next generation of AR magazines has arrived and INTRAFUSE is at the forefront with Tapco's 30rd Gen II AR Magazine. It still retains the rugged mag body that the original had, but Tapco has made vast changes to the interior components to improve the overall functionality of the magazine. First, Tapco is making the spring out of premium 17-7 Stainless Steel. Second, Tapco has redesigned the shape to make it smoother, quieter, and easier to load all 30 rounds. Plus, Tapco has made changes in spring tension to cut back on the stress put on the mag body when fully loaded, making spine cracks something you'll never have to worry about. But we didn't just stop on improving the spring, Tapco also totally revamped the follower.

Tapco has kept the anti-tilt design but the new follower allows more dirt and grime to pass through the magazine so there won't be any feeding errors no matter what kind of debris has entered the magazine. Along with these interior design changes, the Gen II magazine does away with the rare drop-free issue that some users were experiencing with the first generation mag.

- Holds 30 rounds of .223/5.56mm Ammunition
- Dark Earth Anti-Tilt Follower
- Premium 17-7 Stainless Steel Spring
- Reinforced Composit Magazine Body and Floorplate