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AR15 7.6239 LULA magazine loader and unloader.


- All-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader !
- Simple to use in either mode
- Eliminates thumb pain and injury
- Eliminates wear on feed lips
- Prolongs magazine life
- Lightweight and fits in pocket
- Reliable in all weather
- Durable reinforced polymer


- Fits: AR15 7.6239 Metal Magazines of all Manufacturers

Tested to work well* with the following mags:

- AR Stoner
- Cproducts
- D&H
- Franklin Armory 10 Round California (Providing LULA Internal rear Ribs are Filed a Bit to Fit This Magazine)
- ProMag (Excluding the 5 Round Magazine)


- All these mags have no anti-tilt mag followers (due to their curved construction) and generally bear compromised design. Hence, some loading and unloading difficulties may arise when there are 1 to 3 rounds in the magazine. e.g. loading the first three rounds and unloading the last three rounds may pose a challenge; yet performance is well past three rounds
- Also Note: Due to the very thin sheet metal used in construction of these mags weve added a metal mag-catch to resist the knife-like pressure on the LULA otherwise polymer mag-catch.Thus, expect some marks on the coating of the magazine above its mag-catch hole. Do not use this LULA loader if these marks are an issue