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The CenterFire laser series by LaserMax offers the highest quality laser that is designed for your concealed carry pistol. The CenterFire laser is specifically designed for guns without a picatinny or weaver rail. Make your Kahr P9, PM9, P40, PM40, CM9, CM40, CW9, and CW40 the ultimate concealed carry pistol with a CenterFire Red laser. Mounts to the frame without changing out parts or altering your weapon. Ambidextrous activation for right and left-handed shooters.


- Gun Model: Kahr Arms P9/PM9/P40/PM40/CM9/CM40/CW9/CW40
- Beam Intensity: 650 nm
- Power: 5mW
- Battery: 1/3N
- Color: Red
- Weight: .5 oz