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Developed with the demands of the seasoned fisherman in mind, these tools are well-suited for their important role in landing and releasing gamefish and cutting line both mono and braided. With a choice of 6 and 8 longnose pliers and 6 and 7 cutters, these tools are designed for catches both large and small. Ease of handling is enhanced by designs that are 30% thinner and 30% lighter weight than standard pliers and cutters. The Drilled Handles are Rubber Coated providing True Grip in wet and slippery conditions. The Heat Treated Carbon Steel is hardened to Rockwell C grade and Nickel coated for Corrosion Resistance. To insure clean performance, the Cutters edge is safeguarded by a Double Tempering Process. Tools designed for professionals and week-enders alike, the Diawa PLIERS and SIDECUTTERS set the standards for sportfishing accessories.


- 30% Thinner and 30% Lighter
- Drilled Handle Arms
- True Grip Rubber Coated Handle
- Heat Treated Carbon Steel
- Rockwell C Hardness
- Nickel Finish ( corrosion resistant )
- Double Tempered Process Cutter


- Finish: Nickel
- Hardness: Rockwell "C"
- Size: 7"
- Quantity: 1