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The special Owner 2X strong Cutting Point hook has a Zero degree line tie for a straight pull with the hook point for better penetration, the unique Cobra Heads position puts less material in the hook gap for a better bite and its tapered nose helps reduce lip blow out. The Cobra Head. shape and weedguard angle reduce hang ups and the wide bottom footprint of the head help increase feel of the bottom. The jig also has chip resistant paint and premium skirts.


- Draws the attention of bass in freshwater
- Tapered nose helps reduce lip blowout
- Cobra Head position for good bites
- 5/0 Owner Cutting Point single hook with a 0 line provides a straight pull with the point for great penetration


- Color: Green Pumpkin
- Hook Size: 5/0
- Weight: 1 oz.
- Quantity: 1