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EZ KeeperZ incorporate unique, patent-pending keeper that is designed to securely hold all types of soft plastics, including ElaZtech, Gulp!, and conventional soft plastic baits. The barbed, U-shaped stainless keeper clip allows for easy weedless rigging and ensures proper hook alignment for consistent lure action and hook sets, while minimizing tearing when used with more fragile non-ElaZtech baits. Each EZ KeeperZ is built on a custom, super-sharp, heavy-duty black nickel hook and is finished off with a durable black paint coating on the weight to help maintain a stealthy presentation.


- Patent-pending keeper design holds all types of soft plastics securely
- Barbed, U-shaped stainless clip prevents baits from tearing and ensures proper hook alignment for consistent action and solid hook sets
- Custom super-sharp, heavy duty, premium black nickel hooks
- Rubber O-ring holds baits in place and prevents them from sliding out of position
- Detailed rigging instructions and diagrams included on package
- Durable black coating on weight provides a stealthy presentation


- Hook Size: 4/0
- Weight: 3/16 oz
- Color: Black
- Quantity: Package of 3